What Is Keyword Cannibalization Its Disadvantage and How to Avoid It?

I will explain the keyword Cannibalization in two ways

First Way: If we are having a website having a certain set of keywords. We target single keywords on different pages of websites this is the situation of keyword cannibalization.

Second Way: If we are a blogger we are targeting a single keyword and we are writing different blogs on it this is keyword Cannibalization. Bloggers do this because they want to rank their blogs for that keyword. This is the situation of Cannibalization. This creates a negative impact on SEO because this makes google confused about which page gives priority. So to avoid this confusion Google down the ranking of the page. This is the major effect on ranking.

How to Deal with Keyword Cannibalization

When keyword cannibalization happens We see that two pages are ranking on the same keyword. For Example, Page1 and Page2 are ranking but we want to rank page 2. Don’t do anything because we are already using two spaces in ranking. But If Page1is of low value and we want to this page2 to rank. So to resolve this issue we will do three things :

Interlinking: Link Page1 to Page2 which means choosing some correct anchor text and hyperlinking to page2. When people come to page 1 and from page1 to page 2 we were taking people from page 1 to page. When more and more people go to page 2 from page 1 and spent some time on page2 In some days this may be this resolve this issue. This process is time taking process but if want a quick result step 2 is there which is rel=”canonical”.

Put code rel=”canonical”: This is the way we put code rel=”canonical” in the header section of the page1 like :

<link rel=”canonical” href=”https://page2″/>

After 10-15 days this may solve the problem. So in this way page, 2 will rank. So if this didn’t work there is a 3rd method which is 301 redirect :

Redirect 301: 301 is permanent redirection so whenever the user clicks on a page1 will be redirected to page2. This is not the best option because we are completely removing the value of page1. Rel= canonical is the best option.


How to avoid keyword Cannibalization?

Following proper keyword, mapping is the best method to avoid keyword Cannibalization. Simply created a bucket of a certain set of keywords targeting a page.

Page A————————————keyword1, keyword2

Page B———————————–keyword2, keyword3

Ensure not to overlap the keywords like Don’t do this as below

Page A————————————keyword1, keyword3

Page B———————————–keyword2, keyword4

If you don’t overlap the keyword then Cannibalization will not be an issue.

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